State Already Goes to ‘Absurd’ Lengths

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Letter published in the San Jose Mercury News.  [They edited out my reference to the perpetrators as “cradle snatchers”.]

In response to Sen. Jerry Hill’s proposal to mandate that all schools have prekindergarten, Charles Shoemaker (Letters, Jan. 13) extrapolates a scenario he seems to think takes the idea to the “absurd,” by suggesting that “all children be schooled at taxpayer expense as soon as they leave the hospital upon delivery.”

Most people are not aware that what Shoemaker suggests (tongue in cheek or not), is already  part of Santa Clara County Early Learning Master Plan 2010, which is available on any search engine. That plan calls for “a developmental continuum of learning from birth to age eight” (page 8). Elsewhere the plan calls for prenatal visits to prospective parents.

So plans for government early learning is to begin in the womb. Santa Clara County and the state of California are not unique, for such master plans can be found in other states as well. The state of Washington is currently advertising  to fill the job created to coordinate essentially the same plan. It is a well-orchestrated national agenda.

Mary Thompson

San Jose Mercury News 01/18/2014, Page A11