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Closing the Books on 2013: Another Year, Another Nail in the Coffin of Disastrous Global Warming

A few weeks have now passed since the end of last year, giving enough time for various data-compiling (and “data-adusting”) agencies to get their numbers in order and to release the sad figures from 2013. U.S. Annual Average Temperature We pointed out, back in this post in mid-December, that there was an outside chance—if December […]

Lagarde Warns of Risks to Global Economic Recovery

[Globalists Take; then they Subsidize, then they Abandon.] IMF’s Lagarde warns of risks posed to global recovery from Fed tapering and eurozone deflation. DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) — The International Monetary Fund’s managing director warned Saturday of the risks posed to global economic recovery from the reduction of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s monetary stimulus and falling […]

State Already Goes to ‘Absurd’ Lengths

Letter published in the San Jose Mercury News.  [They edited out my reference to the perpetrators as “cradle snatchers”.] In response to Sen. Jerry Hill’s proposal to mandate that all schools have prekindergarten, Charles Shoemaker (Letters, Jan. 13) extrapolates a scenario he seems to think takes the idea to the “absurd,” by suggesting that “all […]