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Charlotte Thomson IserbytCharter schools are necessary for Carnegie Corporation’s implementation of its 1934 plan to change our capitalist economic system to a planned economy.

Please read all my articles on charter schools at and go to the trailer for “Exposing the Global Road to Ruin through Education,” which covers the first conference of same title in which Sam Blumenfeld participated, for update on charter schools, their tax funding and not having  elected school boards. Taxation without representation.

The charter school concept is NOT new.  It originally came out of the school choice movement which was called for by the Chamber of Commerce in 1945.  Chamber also supported the UN.  The Aspen Institute in 1976  called for vouchers and for site-based management (precursor of charter schools).  Charter schools are international and very important in Russia, where they are referred to as “contract” schools.

Bill Ayers, a communist, worked closely with Annenberg Challenge, which was closely connected with  and funded the late Theodore Sizer’s Coalition of Essential Schools, which created the first charter school.   The Coalition was one of the New American School Development Project (President Bush, Sr.) model schools.  Corporate/privately-funded public education!  Sizer was as close to being a communist as anyone I can think of.

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Charter schools (school choice, vouchers, tuition tax credits, etc.) came from the left and are now being embraced by the Trotskyite  neoconservative righ  which was given a free hand  in changing our free political and economic system due to President Reagan’s White House Private Sector Initiative (1982) which allowed for the merger of the public and private sectors.  (Corporate Fascism).  I was the liaison with the White House for that initiative and was opposed to that corporate fascist concept from the very beginning.  I was, of course, removed from my position as liaison when I objected to what President Reagan was allowing to take place.

Click on You Tube trailer for “Exposing the Global Road to  Ruin through Education” 8-dvd disc set, in which Samuel Blumenfeld participated, for a 25-minute expose of what is going on under the mantra of”school choice” and especially charter schools.  This disc set will be available at in early December, 2013, for $39.95 plus S&H.

Charter schools are international; referred to as “contract” schools in Russia.  They are necessary for implementation of the Carnegie Corporation’s agenda spelled out clearly in “Conclusions and Recommendations for the Social Studies”, 1934, which calls for using the schools to change America from a capitalist economy to a planned socialist economy through the schools.  That book is at my son’s website:  Just type “Conclusions” into search engine.

I really appreciate your bringing this confusion regarding school choice/charter schools to my attention.  I had no idea of the extent of disinformation out there which is leading good Americans to accept any and all school choice proposals which will ultimately give us nothing but a Marxist form of  political indoctrination and training for the workforce, which has nothing to do with real education.  Those from both political parties (Republicans and Democrats at the top) started the ball rolling with “innocent” sounding and looking charter schools, knowing full well what their final goal was:  Limited Learning for Lifelong Labor. Of course, none of this restructuring of American education from academics to workforce training could have happened had President Reagan followed through on his promise to abolish the U.S. Department of Education and had he not signed the extensive agreements with President Gorbachev merging the  US and Soviet education systems in 1985.   Reagan also allowed the Carnegie Corporation to go ahead and sign its agreement with the Soviet Academy of Science which called for joint research on development of computer courseware in Marxist critical thinking for early elementary school students.

You should go to an interview I recently did with Richard Grove, Tragedy and Hope website, which explains exactly what is going on and how very serious is the situation, mainly due to phoney tax-funded school choice proposals.   Click on following link:
If link does not work, just type in You Tube Tragedy and Hope Iserbyt Grove

I hope that you will join many of us who care about the future of the USA as a free Republic under the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights by forwarding this email to your lists and by promoting the 8-disc video set which is described in the You Tube Trailer.

This set of dvds includes 14 hours of filmed presentations from the most respected education and political researchers in the nation who are, for the most part, non-affiliated with any political party or political action group.  The set includes one disc (250 pages of written submissions from those unable to join us and long gone, such as Maureen Heaton, Jo HIndman, Don Bell, Norman Dodd, etc.)

As far as I know, this DVD set  is the only CALL FOR ACTION out there which includes recommendations for TAKING BACK AMERICA.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education

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