How Does UN Agenda 21 Become Embedded in City/Town Policies?

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The YouTube below was produced to combat the City of Tucson’s Proposition 402 (on the November, 2013 ballot)  — a proposed general plan revision promoted as “Plan Tucson” (aka “City of Tucson General & Sustainability Plan 2013”). This ~5 minute video is useful as it outlines one woman’s research and effort to educate her fellow Tucsonians; unfortunately, the measure passed.

Look no further than the city/town “plan” — called a general plan, or comprehensive plan, or master plan, etc.

That is why it is important to stop revisions to city/town plans that will (further) entrench UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development plans into city/town policy.

This is a local effort to stop the general plan changes proposed for Tucson:

Commentary by Gay Lynn Goetzke | Oct. 2013

Tucson AZ

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