Orwell’s Dystopic Nightmare Comes True: Agenda 21 Smart Cities Are Here!

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smartgridOur brave new world starts with these brave new cities.

So-called smart cities aren’t just some far off futur­is­tic abstract twin­kle in the New World Order’s eye…these are being built right now.

Think pri­vacy and free­dom are lim­ited com­modi­ties now? Try hav­ing either of those things liv­ing in a smart city con­trol grid where every­thing you do is tracked, traced, chipped and mon­i­tored 24 hours a day.

Mas­dar City: ‘City of the Future’

Cur­rently being built in Abu Dhabi at a price tag of $22 bil­lion, Mas­dar (which means “the source”) is a six-kilometer walled smart city shaped like two squares that resem­ble The Borg’s Uni­com­plex from the sci-fi TV show Star Trek. Set for a tar­get pop­u­la­tion of 50,000 peo­ple, the city promises to be car­bon emission-free with 100% renew­able energy. Tra­di­tional cars are com­pletely out; while walk­ing, bik­ing and mass tran­sit are encour­aged. Futur­is­tic dri­ver­less ‘per­sonal rapid tran­sit’ (PRT) pod cars are being con­sid­ered, but are appar­ently quite costly. The tiny cars look like a smaller ver­sion of the lit­tle elec­tronic cars fea­tured in the 1980s film Total Recall.

As a research and test­ing ground for smart tech­nolo­gies, The National reported, “The offi­cials run­ning Masdar’s power grid will have access to detailed data on how energy is being used at any given moment and will have the means to directly mod­er­ate high rates of con­sump­tion to bal­ance sup­ply with demand.” [empha­sis added]

Sen­sometrix SA – a Geneva-based com­pany and leader in next gen­er­a­tion bio­met­ric tech­nol­ogy with prod­ucts includ­ing “Sen­so­Brain” and the eerie bio­met­ric slo­gan “Your hand is the future” – will work with Mas­dar to con­tinue devel­op­ing the company’s secu­rity tech­nolo­gies such as iden­tity access management.

Con­tinue arti­cle here:  http://truthstreammedia.com/orwells-dystopic-nightmare-comes-true-agenda-21-smart-cities-are-here/

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