Geoengineering is Destroying the Ozone Layer

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So, How Bad Can It Get? Just when it seemed the neg­a­tive news sur­round­ing glob­al geo­engi­neer­ing could not get any worse, it absolute­ly can and is.

Off The Chart UV Lev­els Not Being Disclosed

We have known for some time that the UV lev­els were get­ting rapid­ly worse due to the ongo­ing atmos­pher­ic spray­ing. Any­one that is even slight­ly awake and aware has noticed that the sun feels incred­i­bly intense on the skin. Most vari­eties of plant life are show­ing at least some signs of stress in most areas. In many regions, whole forests are in steep decline. And its get­ting worse by the day.


Although extreme drought and tox­ic rains (due in large part to the heavy met­al fall­out from geo­engi­neer­ing) are tak­ing their toll, recent meter­ing of UV lev­els in North­ern Cal­i­for­nia indi­cate that there is an ele­ment in this die off that is far worse than we had real­ized, an incom­pre­hen­si­bly high lev­el of UV radiation.

With the assis­tance of a very gen­er­ous and con­sci­en­tious indi­vid­ual, pur­chased top-of-the-line UV meter­ing equip­ment which was put in the hands of a 40-year envi­ron­men­tal meter­ing vet­er­an, with 20 years gov­ern­ment expe­ri­ence and 20 years as a pri­vate con­sul­tant. Our find­ings are far beyond shocking.

From a recent sci­ence study on exces­sive UV:

We are told UV‑B is only a minor com­po­nent of the total solar radi­a­tion, we now know this could not be fur­ther from the truth. Our recent meter­ing reflects an expo­nen­tial rise in UVB radi­a­tion. Due to its high ener­gy, its poten­tial for caus­ing bio­log­i­cal dam­age to plants, ani­mals, and humans is excep­tion­al­ly high and even small increas­es could lead to sig­nif­i­cant bio­log­i­cal dam­age. There are numer­ous peer reviewed stud­ies which ver­i­fy this fact.

The Results

Accord­ing to agen­cies like WHO, (World Heath Orga­ni­zatin) and a long list of oth­er rec­og­nized gov­ern­ment sources of UV infor­ma­tion like NOAA (Nation­al Ocean­ic and Atmos­pher­ic Admin­is­tra­tion), no more than 5% of the total UV reach­ing the sur­face of Earth should be UVB. The oth­er 95% should be UVA.

These agen­cies go on to state that UVC should be ZERO.


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