Citizen Letter to CA Senator DeSaulnier regarding SB375 and SB1

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Letter sent via email to California State Senator Mark DeSaulnier (7th District) regarding SB375 and SB1, July 17, 2013:

Senator DeSaulnier,

As co-author of both of these horrendous bills you should be ashamed of yourself. Why are you attacking suburban and rural private property owners? Why are you pushing for unelected, unaccountable regional bodies to dictate local land use policies and allow, through your latest bill, the designation of blight be “inefficient land use.” The role of government is to protect life, liberty and property. These bills are a direct attack on all three and you sir should be driven out of office for selling out your constituents. I am well aware of your roll in ABAG, the Compact for a Sustainable Bay Area and have extensively researched your efforts to push for a regionalist takeover of local governments. You can’t pretend to care about your constituents and at the same time throw them under the bus.

There is a large coalition (over 40 bi-partisan groups) forming in opposition to the One Bay Area (SB375) sham of a plan you co-authored and the SB1 is yet another example of your disdain for the residents of Contra Costa County and other small Bay Area cities and towns.

The One Bay Area plan will fail and so will your attempt to destroy our communities. And your name will forever be tied to this mess. The people of the Bay Area are NOT going to allow you or any other pompous elected official to ruin our towns.

You work for us… remember that!

Heather Gass

Heather Gass