Mainstream Press Lies About UN Agenda 21 — Why?

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For Pro­gres­sive Democ­rats and all…

If you’re new to learn­ing about UN Agen­da 21/Sustainable Devel­op­ment you’d be under­stand­ably con­fused about what it is and how it impacts you and your area. You may be won­der­ing how some­thing that affects every aspect of your life includ­ing edu­ca­tion, health care, law enforce­ment, ener­gy, land use, and eco­nom­ic devel­op­ment could have elud­ed your atten­tion for more than 20 years.

How could this have happened?

This is a pub­lic rela­tions campaign—the biggest. Your gov­ern­ment knows that if you knew what the plan was about in 1992 you would have object­ed to liv­ing under a dic­ta­tor­ship. You would have object­ed to hav­ing your edu­ca­tion­al sys­tem con­vert­ed to a social indoc­tri­na­tion camp. You would have been dis­tressed to learn that rep­re­sen­ta­tive gov­ern­ment was to be tran­si­tioned to non-rep­re­sen­ta­tion­al gov­ern­ment by appoint­ed boards and com­mis­sions that you have no con­trol over. So the pro­pa­gan­da cam­paign was in full force to hide the source and goals of ‘Sus­tain­able Development.’

It’s only recent­ly that the press even admits that UN Agen­da 21 exists. Did the Unit­ed Nations choose to call it the ‘Agen­da for the 21st Cen­tu­ry’ pur­pose­ly in order to block fur­ther inves­ti­ga­tion? It sounds crazy. Up until very recent­ly any­one who referred to UN Agen­da 21 was labeled a ‘con­spir­a­cy the­o­rist’ or a nut. Now the press acknowl­edges its exis­tence but says it is a non-bind­ing, twen­ty year old plan that has no impacts on local gov­ern­ment. The Unit­ed Nations, you are told, is inef­fec­tu­al and the US just ignores procla­ma­tions and agree­ments it does­n’t like.

The ral­ly­ing cry of Com­mu­ni­tar­i­an­ism per­vades your news­pa­per, tele­vi­sion, work­place, and school room as you are encour­aged to ‘give back,’ to vol­un­teer and to think about the com­mon good. If you ques­tion you are con­sid­ered self­ish and you won’t be invit­ed to the com­mu­nal bike rides and neigh­bor­hood parties.

If you’re like us you were a young pro­gres­sive Demo­c­rat in Novem­ber 1992 and thought Clin­ton was doing fine (well, a bit lat­er we thought Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was rot­ten, and the war in Koso­vo looked like a bat­tle to con­trol the hero­in trade into Europe, and we thought it was nuts to give loans to peo­ple who could­n’t afford them). Yes, you thought Clin­ton was doing fine now that Bush was out of office. You were excit­ed to be part of a move­ment to encour­age recy­cling and cre­ative reuse. You felt good about your­self and thought Repub­li­cans were a bunch of flag-wav­ing red­necks who ate raw meat and slept with their spurs on. You did­n’t know any Repub­li­cans per­son­al­ly, and you did­n’t want to. Your magazines–Earth Island Jour­nal, Moth­er Jones, The Nation–were full of the degra­da­tion of the plan­et and the destruc­tion of bio­di­ver­si­ty. You were dis­gust­ed with devel­op­ers, oil men, and big cor­po­ra­tions and you blamed all of this on Repub­li­cans. After the Clin­ton impeach­ment tri­als you were even more con­vinced of the vicious­ness of the Repub­li­cans. You joined and host­ed polit­i­cal par­ties in your home. Lat­er, 8 years of Bush Jr. cement­ed your out­look even fur­ther. Hang­ing chads, yel­low cake ura­ni­um, Jes­si­ca Lynch, Shock and Awe, Valerie Plame, Karl Rove, mail­ing anthrax to the Democ­rats, all of this and more drove a huge wedge in between the par­ties. As a Demo­c­rat you would­n’t even con­sid­er hang­ing a flag up on July 4th–people might think you were a Republican.

Mean­while, all of this time, the Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment machine moved for­ward. Both par­ties (feed­ing on cor­po­rate dol­lars) sup­port­ed it, fur­thered it with leg­is­la­tion, strength­ened the Envi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­tion Agency, and brought UN Agen­da 21 prin­ci­ples into every fed­er­al agency–without your knowl­edge. When you did hear about it from the cor­po­rate owned main­stream press it was in glow­ing terms about sav­ing the planet.

You watched and suf­fered as your school sys­tems were sub­ject­ed to Goals 2000 and No Child Left Behind and Out­comes Based Edu­ca­tion and Com­mon Core nev­er know­ing that no mat­ter how much mon­ey was thrown into these exper­i­ments in teach­ing and test­ing that your chil­dren would come out less able to live inde­pen­dent cre­ative lives. Those who were diag­nosed with learn­ing dis­abil­i­ties were doused with drugs and ware­housed for a dozen years–the silent illit­er­ates. The kids who did well were over­loaded with home­work and stag­ger­ing sched­ules that made office work seem like a relief.

Right around 2002 the plan­ning rev­o­lu­tion explod­ed across Amer­i­ca as Grow­ing Smart: Leg­isla­tive Guide­book with Mod­el Stat­ues for Plan­ning and the Man­age­ment of Change was brought into every plan­ning depart­ment, uni­ver­si­ty and col­lege in the nation. Writ­ten by the Amer­i­can Plan­ning Asso­ci­a­tion and fund­ed by a part­ner­ship between the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment, Siemens Cor­po­ra­tion, and wealthy foun­da­tions, this is the blue­print for the new laws and reg­u­la­tions being trot­ted out by your local city coun­cil and coun­ty super­vi­sors. This plan­ning rev­o­lu­tion was spon­sored by the Pres­i­den­t’s Coun­cil on Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment (1993–1999) as the first major step in bring­ing UN Agen­da 21/Sustainable Devel­op­ment into the US. Every fed­er­al agency changed their poli­cies to adhere to it. Those fed­er­al agen­cies are giv­ing grants to local gov­ern­ments to imple­ment it.

The tracks of UN A21/SD are every­where but the cor­po­rate press has lied about it for 20 years. When the press isn’t pre­tend­ing that it does­n’t exist it does the next best thing: mocks any­one who ques­tions or calls out Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment as a cor­po­rate takeover plot to elim­i­nate pesky nation­al bound­aries and rep­re­sen­ta­tive government.

Using the lie of ‘con­sen­sus’ the cor­po­ra­tion-fund­ed non-prof­its go into neigh­bor­hoods and pro­pa­gan­dize for pro­grams and plans that give the illu­sion of strength­en­ing the voice of the peo­ple. Instead that so-called con­sen­sus crafts pub­lic opin­ion and blocks any­one from dis­sent­ing. Yes, if you dis­agree with gov­er­nance by unelect­ed boards and com­mis­sions you’ll be shamed and cut out of the herd.

Mon­ey talks, baby. Left, right, center–money talks. Now that the Democ­rats are on top the rhetoric has changed but the big mon­ey cor­po­ra­tions are still call­ing the shots. BP is Green! Siemens (the Nazi cor­po­ra­tion) makes high speed trains and light rail and owns water rights and solar and wind and makes huge amounts of mon­ey from GREEN. Siemens also fund­ed Grow­ing Smart Leg­isla­tive Guide­book. IBM (Nazi col­lab­o­ra­tor) makes bio­met­rics tech­nol­o­gy and smart grid and reti­nal scans and sys­tems for water agen­cies to mon­i­tor you.

If you’re a Demo­c­rat and you start say­ing the Emper­or has no clothes you’ll be reject­ed, mocked, shamed, and smeared. Not many peo­ple will be brave enough to QUESTION AUTHORITY if it means rejec­tion from the tribe. Most Democ­rats will ignore objec­tions to Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment as a right wing Repub­li­can attempt to sway hap­less fol­low­ers. It’s eas­i­er than stand­ing up and rec­og­niz­ing that the 1% is using green to manip­u­late the left.

And the press? The cor­po­rate press is tasked with sell­ing this to you and using the hard sell. The threat is that you’ll be destroy­ing the plan­et if you don’t go along. They make it sound so good that you won’t ask the ques­tion: If this is so good why has it been a secret for the last 20 years? If this is so good why was the econ­o­my pumped and dumped? If this is so good why are my kids strug­gling to read? If this is so good why did I lose my house? If this is so good why are we still in Iraq and Afghanistan? If this is so good why is every sin­gle land use plan in the Unit­ed States iden­ti­cal? If this is so good why are cor­po­ra­tions per­sons? If this is so good why can’t Democ­rats and Repub­li­cans work togeth­er? If this is so good why was the Nation­al Defense Autho­riza­tion Act passed? If this is so good why are we sub­ject to domes­tic sur­veil­lance? If this is so good why are we on Prozac, Well­butrin, and every oth­er drug pre­scribed to make us not care?

If you’re iden­ti­fy­ing your­self as a Pro­gres­sive Demo­c­rat you’ll be inclined to think UN Agen­da 21 is some fan­ta­sy of the right wing and laugh it off. Do you have the guts to admit that you’ve been wrong? Or will you lis­ten to the cor­po­rate press and be duped? What does it take for you to real­ize that the left and right are fight­ing the same fight? It’s the banks and big cor­po­ra­tions buy­ing off the gov­ern­ment and non-prof­its. Glob­al gov­er­nance. New World Order behind the green mask.


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