Rosa Koire of Democrats Against UN Agenda 21 on Glenn Beck TV

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Beck Urges More Local Action Against UN’s Agenda 21
by Mike Opelka, The Blaze.

Wednesday night’s Glenn Beck Program focused considerable time on the UN’s Agenda 21 (AG21) and how local 9/12 groups and Tea Parties are successfully pushing back against it. If you are not familiar with it, AG21 is the UN’s 20-year old plan to eliminate private property and establish a one-world government through radical environmentalism.

Beck Talks to Local Tea Party Activists About Agenda 21The Blaze has covered Agenda 21 extensively for over a year, starting with an introductory article back in June of 2011 and a cover story on The Blaze Magazine in January of this year. Reports on AG21 and its infiltration of America through the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, ICLEI have inspired many people to become involved on a local basis.

Watch Glenn talk with the 9/12 Project’s Maria Acosta, Amy Kremer of the Tea Party Express, and author Rosa Koire about Agenda 21 and the progress being made against this attack on our freedoms and right to own private property.

Watch 11-minute video interview here.

Watch 10-minute second video interview here.


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