Baldwin County Alabama Commissioner Seeks to Rescind Horizon 2025 Plan

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Horizon 2025: The Baldwin County Comprehensive Plan 2008-2025 is a 310-page document that was approved by the County in 2009, and regulates human activity including transportation as well as the use of private, public, and commercial lands.  Horizon 2025 is an Agenda 21 plan. The wording and details of Horizon 2025 are vague and it is unclear to what extent scarce public funds will be used in enforcement of this plan.  In view of the extensive collaboration with local, state, and federal bureaucracies called for by Horizon 2025, it is certain that unelected officials will be exercising even more control of property use in Baldwin County, Alabama.  Horizon 2025 is a massive land grab.  Baldwin County Commissioner Frank Burt shares a brochure highlighting examples:  Rescind Horizon 2025 Brochure

The Baldwin County Commission set a public hearing on August 7, 2012 at the Baldwin County Administration Building at 8:30 am to consider Resolution #2012-075 that “will repeal, rescind, void and nullify the Horizon 2025: The Baldwin County Comprehensive Plan 2008-2025.”

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