Mischievous Masquerade: APUSH as the Sought Coherent Framework Justifying Intervention in History

Before I explain why I have decided to join the cur­rent dis­cus­sion sur­round­ing the remake of the AP US His­tory (“APUSH”) course, let’s remem­ber that most peo­ple who have ever sought fun­da­men­tal trans­for­ma­tions of the real world as it cur­rently exists think of his­tory as a con­scious­ness alter­ing tool. We will never get back to the “grand nar­ra­tive sup­ported by well-known doc­u­ments, events, and his­tor­i­cal per­sonae” many of us long for unless we rec­og­nize this polit­i­cal pur­suit of his­tory. That his­tory as a body of knowl­edge, even one dom­i­nated by Left­ist fig­ures and rad­i­cal ideas, is Ahis­tor­i­cal to any­one who looks now at all course­work, in all sub­jects, in K-12 or higher ed, as deter­mined by “the kind of soci­ety and world we would like to bring about as the United States enters its third cen­tury.” [Con­tinue reading]

The Nightmarish Megacities of the Near Future

Arizona Senator John McCain

Ari­zona Sen­a­tor John McCain

Six years ago, dur­ing the 2008 pres­i­den­tial cam­paign, I attended a Town Hall meet­ing spon­sored by Repub­li­can and Pres­i­den­tial hope­ful, Sen­a­tor John McCain, where he was asked if he was opposed to the spread of the United Nations Agenda 21 poli­cies through­out the United States. McCain proudly pro­claimed that he had never heard of Agenda 21. That was an inter­est­ing com­ment com­ing from a sen­a­tor who co-sponsored the Cen­tral Amer­i­can Free Trade Agree­ment (CAFTA) which erased all Amer­i­can tar­iffs, estab­lished an inter­na­tional high cor­ri­dor trans­porta­tion sys­tem for the elite’s busi­nesses needs and oblit­er­ated the con­sti­tu­tion in the process. [Con­tinue reading]

Government Funded Bullet Trains Will Connect American Agenda 21 Megacities

Flat Tower

This article is a little dated, but covers an important view into the subjects of America 2050, "megacities" and the connecting high-speed rail network. The press is giving slight coverage, with little or no background to present the entire … [Continue reading]

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal sues federal government over Common Core

Michelle Malkin

Bravo!I have written on the islamization of public school curriculum via Common Core.Freedom Outpost: Common Core Islamic indoctrination of students in American schools is overt. This is the goal. In Volusia County Florida, hundreds are … [Continue reading]

The Agenda 21 Depopulation of Rural Areas Will Give Obama Stalin-Like Control Over Food

America 2050 Megaregions map

The plan is called America 2050 and the concept is based upon the creation of megacities. In order for the megacities concept, which is well underway, to come to fruition, American suburbs and rural areas must be completely depopulated. This process … [Continue reading]

Community Education” aka UN Agenda 21/Regionalism/Communism?

Toot toot train tracks

TOOT TOOT! TOOT TOOT! All Aboard, All Aboard the Train to Global Slavery....You have a "choice"!! (Don't you just love that word?)!Track 1: UN Agenda 21 (1990 latest community education model train) Track 2: Community Education (1966 rusty … [Continue reading]