Humanistic Cesspools”

Charlotte Thomson IserbytDay 31: Skin­ner Hor­ror Files

The ulti­mate trou­ble with Skin­ner­ian
“sci­en­tific, research-based” stan­dards,
outcome-based meth­ods,
and “com­mon core” results


Who were these children?  How were they the subjects of a "scientific, research-based" study?[1]

Who were these chil­dren?
How were they the sub­jects of a “sci­en­tific, research-based” study?[1]

If we as par­ents and cit­i­zens believe that the same “sci­en­tific, research-based” standards[2] applied to research in edu­ca­tion and psy­chol­ogy are those applied to med­i­cine, geol­ogy, or engi­neer­ing, we are sadly mis­taken. If we believe that objec­tive cri­te­ria are employed when eval­u­at­ing edu­ca­tional cur­ricu­lum or behav­ioral analy­sis, we are like­wise mis­taken. There­fore, when pre­sented with pro­pos­als in aca­d­e­mic cur­ric­ula that pur­port to be founded in “sci­en­tific, research-based” eval­u­a­tion, we should take them with a grain of salt! [Con­tinue reading]

Shaping Mankind’s Behavior

Charlotte Thomson IserbytDay 30 : Skin­ner Hor­ror Files

The Hor­ri­ble Truth Comes Out! 

Skinner With RatI
n 1982, just as the Skin­ner­ian machine was rolling full-speed ahead into the class­rooms of Amer­ica, THE COMPLETE WORKS OF FRANCIS A. SCHAEFFER: A CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW was published.[1] In a trea­tise enti­tled “A Chris­t­ian View of Phi­los­o­phy and Cul­ture: Back to Free­dom and Dig­nity,” noted Chris­t­ian scholar and the­olo­gian Dr. Fran­cis Scha­ef­fer warned of B.F. Skin­ner and his meth­ods. This trea­tise was writ­ten specif­i­cally to counter Skinner’s Beyond Free­dom and Dig­nity, and to warn the world about the far-reaching hor­ri­ble con­se­quences of adopt­ing Skinner’s worldview:

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Smart Growth a Dumb Deal for the Poor

Yesler Terrace, Seattle, 1200 Residents to be displaced

In 1880, he was noticeable. Dressed in long coat and top hat, his one hand wielded a magic wand punctuating the elixir in the other.  His concoction cured all from headaches, to “kidney trouble.”Today’s snake oiler is college educated, marketing … [Continue reading]

It’s Not Fearmongering or a Conspiracy Theory when Elitists Are on Record for 95% of the Population to be Eliminated

"If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels." -Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, leader of the World Wildlife Fund Recently, we have posted a couple of articles at D.C. Clothesline … [Continue reading]

Secret Gopher Map Reveals Washington Agency’s Power

Tammy Schmidt’s email

Fifth in a series on a new ESA listing. The author states there may be more coming in this series.A secret 2013 Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife map that was accidentally placed in Thurston County Planning‘s public files has been … [Continue reading]

Hornbeck’s Horrors


Day 29: Skinner Horror FilesPart 2: Trick or Treat? As mentioned in yesterday's post, David Hornbeck's "draft" plan for Iowa's education transformation initiative, leaked to the press and dated September 19, 1990, told the whole story. It was a … [Continue reading]