Weather Channel Founder on Climate Change: It’s “a Fictional, Manufactured Crisis”

Do you think that the founder of The Weather Chan­nels might be an author­ity worth lis­ten­ing to when it comes to global warm­ing? It would cer­tainly seem to rea­son that a man who made a career out of study­ing the weather might be more of an author­ity than glob­al­ist Al Gore. [Con­tinue reading]

This May Be The Biggest Problem With America’s ‘Common Core’ Education Standards


The Com­mon Core — a set of edu­ca­tion stan­dards adopted by nearly every U.S. state — was built on the idea that stu­dents should be able to think crit­i­cally rather than just mem­o­rize mate­r­ial for tests. It’s a good goal. A com­mon and valid crit­i­cism of Amer­i­can edu­ca­tion is that it focuses too much on rote learn­ing and not enough on comprehension.

But the Com­mon Core and the tests tied to those stan­dards might pre­vent stu­dents from achiev­ing that goal. [Con­tinue reading]

Two Moms vs. Common Core

Heather Crossin, Emmett McGroarty, and Erin Tuttle

Indiana has become the first state to retreat from the Common Core standards, as Governor Mike Pence (in 2013) signed a bill suspending their implementation. A great deal has been written and spoken about Common Core, but it is worth rehearsing the … [Continue reading]

Green Group Under Scrutiny for Trespassing at Woman’s Farm

Martha Boneta

 “Agenda 21 in Action”The following account illustrates the local corruption going on in communities across the world. Some people stand up – working to salvage liberty for all of us. Thank you Martha Boneta! May your town support you and the … [Continue reading]

Should We Ditch The ‘Green Economy’?

Faced with public pressure to lower their carbon footprint, and the high cost of setting up sustainable energy supplies, businesses and governments now have a third option. The United Nation’s ‘Sustainable Energy for All’ initiative adds … [Continue reading]

Venezuela climate summit calls for end to “green economy”

Green groups celebrate the Margarita Declaration

UN-backed event ends with unusual call from civil society groups to end capitalismA UN-backed conference in Venezuela has ended with a declaration to scrap carbon markets and reject the green economy.The Margarita Declaration was issued … [Continue reading]