Agenda 21: Home Sweet Home in Freight Shipping Containers

While the world is siz­zling and per­co­lat­ing in con­flicts and wars, and U.S. is roil­ing in man­u­fac­tured cri­sis after cri­sis, real or imag­ined emer­gen­cies, over­whelmed by the con­stant inva­sion of ille­gal immi­grants, The Wash­ing­ton Post writes on the front page, “Think­ing inside the box on D.C. hous­ing costs,” liv­ing in repur­posed dinged freight ship­ping con­tain­ers. Two days before, Deb­o­rah K. Dietsch fea­tured “Think­ing big in a small way.” (Michael Laris, July 21, 2014)

This junior one bedroom at the Harper Apartments on 14th Street is 430 square feet. (Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)

This junior one bed­room at the Harper Apart­ments on 14th Street is 430 square feet. (Kather­ine Frey/The Wash­ing­ton Post)

It is under­stand­able how a dam­aged ship­ping con­tainer may be an appeal­ing sub­sti­tute for shel­ter to a broke stu­dent, a home­less per­son, or a third world shanty-town dweller, but Amer­i­cans have plenty of hous­ing space and resources to shel­ter its cit­i­zens. [Con­tinue reading]

Poverty, environment, even traffic fatalities: UN’s sweeping sustainable development goals aim to fix everything — on paper

United Nations logoEnd global hunger and all forms of mal­nu­tri­tion and poverty by 2030, along with all urban slums around the world. Halve the num­ber of deaths from road traf­fic acci­dents glob­ally (an esti­mated 1.24 mil­lion in 2010, accord­ing to the World Health Orga­ni­za­tion) by the same date—and “reduce lev­els of vio­lence and halve related death rates every­where” by then too. Make sure that the income of the bot­tom 40 per­cent of the pop­u­la­tion in all coun­tries grows faster than the national aver­age. Achieve “global resource effi­ciency,” and try to sep­a­rate eco­nomic growth from “envi­ron­men­tal degra­da­tion and resource use” every­where over the next decade and a half.

All of those lofty, ambi­tious –and for crit­ics, improb­a­ble and not-very-closely-linked—objectives, as well as many more, are cur­rently being bun­dled, mas­saged and repack­aged at the United Nations, to be for­mally unveiled in Sep­tem­ber as the ”sus­tain­able devel­op­ment goals,” the cen­ter­piece of the lat­est multi-trillion-dollar U.N. bid to reshape the planet along largely social­ist or pro­gres­sive lines. [Con­tinue reading]

Blowback from the NSA Surveillance

Bruce Schneier

There's one piece of blowback that isn't being discussed -- aside from the fact that Snowden has killed the chances of any liberal arts major getting a DoD job for at least a decade -- and that's how the massive NSA surveillance of the Internet … [Continue reading]

Two More Governors Turning Against Common Core

Utah Governor Gary Herbert

Two more state governors have hopped on the anti-Common Core bandwagon, urging either a second look at it or pushing for outright repeal.Gov. Gary Herbert of Utah ordered his attorney general to conduct a review of the controversial … [Continue reading]

In Historic Blow to Climate Hysteria, Australia Kills Carbon Tax

Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott

With final approval of the Senate on July 17, Australia officially became the first developed nation to repeal its deeply controversial tax on emissions of carbon dioxide, dealing a major setback to proponents of increasingly discredited man-made … [Continue reading]

Is your boss watching you?

Business Microscope monitor

The days of skiving behind your boss's back may be numbered, following the announcement of a new product that can track your every movement in the workplace. Electronics manufacturer Hitachi has unveiled a high-tech ID badge that not only tracks an … [Continue reading]