Journey to the Center of the Core Yields the Yoke of Citizen-Centric Governance to Force a Shared Vision

I still remem­ber my shock that so many famous and pow­er­ful Amer­i­cans endorsed the view in the March 2013 book by Moi­ses Naim that sim­ply assumed that the Amer­i­can peo­ple were now to be Gov­erned as if they were col­lec­tively a ship in need of steer­ing by politi­cians. Silly me. Turns out there was just a delay in the peo­ple at those con­fer­ences com­mit­ting the planned vision to writ­ing. It also turns out, in a car­ry­over from the pre­vi­ous post, that man­ag­ing the public’s per­cep­tions, expec­ta­tions, and beliefs about the proper role of gov­ern­ment in the 21st Cen­tury is a cru­cial com­po­nent of the ‘emerg­ing gov­er­nance rela­tion­ship.’ [Con­tinue reading]


Anita B. Hoge

Anita B. Hoge

While every­one is out there debat­ing Com­mon Core, there is a sys­tem of stan­dard­iza­tion being put in place. And, if you are unaware of this sys­tem, what you don’t know about Com­mon Core, Choice, and Char­ter Schools CAN hurt you.

This story tells a dif­fer­ent Com­mon Core tale with a much dif­fer­ent end­ing than those who sup­port choice might want. What most peo­ple are NOT think­ing about is why edu­ca­tion is one of the most impor­tant func­tions of our Repub­lic. The answer to this ques­tion is impor­tant for all of us. [Con­tinue reading]

Don’t Listen to Google and Facebook: The Public-Private Surveillance Partnership Is Still Going Strong

Surveillance of Google

And real corporate security is still impossible.If you've been reading the news recently, you might think that corporate America is doing its best to thwart NSA surveillance. … [Continue reading]


Dr. Michael Coffman, Discerning the Times

Rural landowners who desire to use their own property are shocked when they learn new regulations increasingly restrict them from doing almost anything. These regulations ostensibly protect endangered species, viewsheds, open space, or a host of … [Continue reading]

Jim Beers responds to San Francisco anti-dairy advertising

Jim Beers is a retired Refuge Manager, Special Agent, & Wildlife Biologist U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

BART is the Bay Area Rapid Transit district Anti-Dairy Ads on BART Urge Commuters to BatheExactly as the poison of illegal drugs is the root cause of so much violent and debilitating crime, and just as the army of poor children born annually … [Continue reading]

How Agenda 21 influences the Bradley County BCC 2035 joint strategic plan

This follow-up is related to our September 18 post, UN’s International Building Codes, necessary tool for Agenda 21 implementation. The Bradley County, Tennessee, Board of Commissioners voted this week to adopt the proposed 2035 Joint Strategic Plan. … [Continue reading]