Seven Reasons Why Plan Bay Area is Illegal & Bad Policy for California

Timothy V. Kassouni

Tim­o­thy V. Kassouni

Plan Bay Area is a mon­u­men­tal land use doc­u­ment pre­pared by the Met­ro­pol­i­tan Trans­porta­tion Com­mis­sion (MTC), and the Asso­ci­a­tion of Bay Area Gov­ern­ments (ABAG), for the osten­si­ble pur­pose of reduc­ing green­house gas emis­sions by 15 per­cent by the year 2035, as required by for­mer Gov­er­nor Schwarzenegger’s Sen­ate Bill 375. Kas­souni Law is cur­rently lit­i­gat­ing the legal­ity of this plan in Alameda County Supe­rior Court, and a final deci­sion is expected within the next sev­eral weeks. These are the top seven rea­sons why the plan is a bad idea: [Con­tinue reading]

Facebook Atlas: Giving Advertisers Invasive Maps of Your Life

Katherine Albrecht (l), Liz McIntyre (r)

Kather­ine Albrecht (l),  Liz McIntyre ®

Face­book Atlas: Giv­ing Adver­tis­ers Inva­sive Maps of Your Life


Face­book has qui­etly intro­duced a new ser­vice for adver­tis­ers called “Face­book Atlas,” and we’re giv­ing it a “thumbs down” because it’s not good for your privacy.

Like an atlas, it offers a col­lec­tion of maps, but these maps show the where­abouts and activ­i­ties of Inter­net users — whether Face­book sub­scribers or not. These detailed maps are chock full of tid­bits about the online and offline lives of con­sumers — and your life is most likely in this col­lec­tion, whether you like it or not. [Con­tinue reading]

EFF in Court to Argue NSA Data Collection from Internet Backbone Is Unconstitutional

First Public Court Challenge to “Upstream” Internet SpyingOakland - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) will argue on Friday before a federal court that the National Security Agency (NSA) is violating the Fourth Amendment by copying and … [Continue reading]

Buffett’s Smart-Grid Idea Takes Over Your Washing Machine

(Bloomberg) -- Vincent Thornley, head of Siemens AG’s U.K. smart-grid research, talks about the role of smart grids in the future of energy where a network can run household appliances when power is abundant and cheap. He spoke with Bloomberg's Alex Webb in Newcastle, England. (Source: Bloomberg)

FA Note: The Smart Grid is promoted as consumer choice. Yet as this article states plainly consumers must learn to "either use appliances themselves at optimum times, or let the system decide that for them." Warren Buffett wants to tell you the … [Continue reading]

BREAKING: United Nations Makes Major Move… This Is THEFT

FA Note:  The brouhaha about climate change has ALWAYS been about wealth redistribution: THEFT. United Nations climate negotiators found themselves at an impasse during a ten-day conference in Lima, Peru this month when the world’s second-largest … [Continue reading]

Drakes Bay oyster farm closes doors after long wilderness struggle

Frank DuBois, past NM Sec. of Agriculture, former legislative assistant to a U.S. Senator, and a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Interior.

It's the end of the line for Drake's Bay Oyster Co. On Dec. 31, after a long battle with the National Park Service, the California Coastal Commission, the Department of the Interior and wilderness advocates, owner Kevin Lunny and his family will … [Continue reading]